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Plan your Vanuatu Vacation with the very best information available. The DVD makes a great gift for anyone who is planning a trip to Vanuatu. It is a professionally produced DVD in a DVD case like the one shown on the right (point to the image with your cursor to see the DVD inside).

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If you are looking for the Nautical Cruising Guide to Vanuatu Click here

Download a copy of the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu for 29.95 (and no handling or mailing charge). This is a 550MB file - with cable it takes about 10 minutes to download. You HAVE to use a download manager like www.freedownloadmanager.org to assure the download will be uncorrupted. The download manager program does not cost anything and will also speed up the download by about 400%.

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After payment you will receive an email with download instructions and the links.The email will include instructions for installing the guide onto your hard drive. The Windows version is a normal Windows install program, the MacIntosh version is a Mac installation file..

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Travel Guide to Vanuatu DVDOrder the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu on DVD

This is the perfect gift for someone planning to visit Vanuatu.

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