Traveller MagazineThe June 2007 Issue of Traveller, the official journal of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, had the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu glued to the cover and a two page spread on using the Rocket Guide inside. It was sent to 5,600 travel agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The issue had a 21 page special on Vanuatu, taking up a full 38% of the issue and including the cover.

The Vanuatu Tourism Office has a nice two page write-up about how Vanuatu is "More Assessable than Ever Before."

Many properties - recognizing the fact that the Rocket Guide itself would be taken off the cover quickly - included advertisements inside the magazine. The magazine itself will be in the visiting areas of travel agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand for months. Tranquillity Island Diving & Eco Resort, White Grass Ocean Resort, Iririki, Le lagon, Coral Princess Cruises, Air Vanuatu, Paradise Cover Resort & Restaurant, Le Meridien Port Vila Resort, Spa & Casino, and Hideaway Island Resort all advertised in the special.


AFTA Traveller 2007

25 Rocket Guide photos were used to illustrate the special. It is the largest special on Vanuatu ever to appear in a major travel magazine - and the first time AFTA Traveller put any CD on the cover for distribution to all it's member travel agencie in Australia and New Zealand.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu is popular in the travel trade community.

Traveller 2007


The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu is popular with travel agents because it is very fast and easy to use with complete information on all of Vanuatu's tourism industry.