accommodation in rural vanuatu

Where to Stay in Rural Vanuatu

Vanuatu Bungalows

Village Bungalows

Accommodation in the rural, outer islands of Vanuatu is in village style bungalows. Typically these have a small restaurant operated by the bungalow owner with local foods. Do a virtual visit today.

Travel Facilities in Rural Vanuatu Villages

Village Facilities

Visitors to the more remote bungalows should consider bringing their own sleeping bags, mosquito screens, beverages and some extra tea, coffee, and sugar that can be left behind as a small gift. Check them out.

Vanuatu Travel Adventures Guide

Vanuatu Adventures

You will be visiting an island culture that is thousands of years old. You really need to understand how to behave, social norms and health dangers. The Rocket Guide has everything you need.

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