"All our Consultants use Rocket Guides, both for Vanuatu and New Caledonia. We also send them out to Travel Agents who book these destinations through us. They're a valuable tool when talking with clients, and at the recent Bridal Expo in Brisbane it was just great to be able to walk our honeymoon enquiries through whichever resort we were recommending, and show them the various room types. "
Sue Natho
Essence Tours (Aust)

Travel Guide to Vanuatu DVDThe ideal Vanuatu vacation planner

Take the guesswork out of planning your visit to Vanuatu. Your business trip or holiday in Vanuatu is something you are looking forward to with pleasure. But do you really know the best options for places to stay and things to do?

When you arrive in Vanuatu and walk into the hotel room and look around you'll have a pretty good idea if you picked a winner. Why not have that experience even before you make your reservation?

With this interactive, fast guide you can quickly check out every hotel in Port Vila, Tanna, Santo, and village bungalows on all the other islands..

For many of these hotels and resorts the guide will give you a virtual reality walk-through including sphere images that are as close as you can get to actually walking into the room to know if you picked the right place to stay.

You are not only going to be spending a respectable amount of hard earned dollars on your vacation but even more critical, you are spending your precious holiday time and you really want to get it right.

Sure, you can find a ton of information on the Internet, but trying to put it all together is not easy and you can get it wrong. The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu gives you everything you need to plan your vacation quickly and easily - including information on tourism features of every island in Vanuatu and thousands of high resolution fabulous photographs so you can see what you are going to be spending your holiday funds on.

There is a special section on out-island adventures - how to do it and where to find what you need for your Vanuatu holiday.

To download or order the guide click here.

Click here for more about the tourism guide to Vanuatu.

AFTA Traveller MagazineVanuatu Tourism Information for Travel Agents

The Rocket Guide was developed as a training tool for travel professionals.


Use the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu and in two hours of virtual cruising aboard the Rocket Guide you'll get an orientation to Vanuatu that would otherwise take you about six months of travelling to all parts of Vanuatu.

Using this interactive travel information guide to Vanuatu, you'll come up to speed on Vanuatu pretty much the same way you would if you could spend the time and money to visit every island and every tourism facility. You'll do a virtual tour designed for travel agents with big sharp recent images of exactly what you will see when you finally walk into that resort or a visit a dive shop or hike up the flank of a live volcano.

This guide works so well that the Australian Federation of Travel Agents twice featured the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu on the cover of it's official magazine, Traveller.

AFTA distributed the holiday guide to 6,200 travel professionals around Australia and New Zealand. Since it's first publication in 2007 we have sold over 56,000 copies.

The travel information guide to Vanuatu gives professional travel consultants a complete, highly interactive visual database of tourism information on places to stay in Vanuatu, information on getting there, what to do when you arrive, and detailed information on contacts, communications, and points of interest. It also makes the perfect holiday guide if you are planning your own visit to Vanuatu and want the best information available to make your travel arrangements.

More on the AFTA Traveller Vanuatu Issue

Tours in VanuatuGetting there and around

Everything you need to know about getting to and around Vanuatu.



Hotel LaLagoon Port Vila VanuatuVanuatu Hotels and Resorts

How about a quick a virtual tour of Vanuatu hotels and resorts? These tours are nowhere near what you'll experience on the Rocket Guide but they wil give you an idea of the extent of information on Vanuatu Accommodation on the guide.

The Rocket Guide is what Google Earth will be when it catches up. A super interactive tourist map, using satellite images, aerial photos, and over a thousand images of Vanuatu's hotels, resorts, restaurants, sights and activities.

There are over 100 three hundred and sixty degree look around panoramas. You'll stand in the door of a hotel room and turn around and see exactly what it looks like inside and out. You can even look into the bathroom.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu will give you a birds-eye view of exactly where each accommodation is located along with information on how to get to it, all it's facilities, activities, points of interest, and live email and website links so you can email the Vanuatu resort or activity yourself for the latest and best deals.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu features:

Vanuatu hotels, vanuatu resorts, and vanuatu bungalows - a vanuatu map over-view
Efate Vanuatu hotel and resort map with links and photos of accommodation outside the Port Vila area
Port Vila Vanuatu hotel & resort map for accommodation outside the central business district.
Port Vila Vanuatu hotel & resort map for the central business district of Port Vila Vanuatu
Espiritu Santo Vanuatu hotel & resort map
Luganville, Santo Vanuatu hotel & resort map
Tanna Vanuatu resort and bungalow satellite map
Malekula Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Ambae Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Ambrym Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Aneityum Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Epi Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Erromango Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Futuna Vanuatu satellite map
Gaua Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Loh Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Maewo Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Mota Lava Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Paama Vanuatu bungalows
Pentecost Vanuatu bungalow satellite map
Vanua Lava Vanuatu bungalow satellite map

Hotels and Resorts on the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu

Vanuatu activitiesVanuatu activities

Knowing what to do depends on knowing what is available to do in Vanuatu.

The Rocket Guide has it all.


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The best travel assurance you'll ever buy.
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