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Vanuatu Currency and Exchange Rates

Major credit cards are accepted just about everywhere in Port Vila and by hotels throughout Vanuatu. In rural areas the banks have ATMs or will give cash on your credit card.

Credit cards are by far the best way to pay for things or get cash in Port Vila or Luganville but you'll need to get cash when visiting the rural areas of Vanuatu. Visa and Mastercard are universally accepted by hotels in Port Vila and Luganville but you'll need cash if you plan to stay in a village bungalow.

Vatu Currency Converter

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You'll probably feel weak in the knees the first time you see a bill in Vatu because one Vatu is like One Cent so $10 would be 1,000 Vatu and a nice dinner in one of the better restaurants might set you back 10,000 Vatu per person.

The converter here will give you today's rate in any currency. The banks, hotels and stores will not give you the "market rate" shown here but this will give you an approximate idea. You'll get the best exchange rates with your credit card or in the banks.

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The Rocket Guide shows you exactly where the banks and ATMs are located throughout Vanuatu