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Vanuatu Restaurants,
Port Vila Restaurants

Port Vila has restauants for everyone's tastes.

Some Port Vila Hotels have fully equipped kitchens so you can prepare your own meals, and the local markets are full of inexpensive organic produce. There are also supermarkets and little village markets to get your groceries.

Your Vanuatu Holiday is important to you; be sure to get the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu to help you select the places to dine on your vacation.

Gourmet Dining in Port Vila Vanuatu

Gourmet Dining

Most of the restaurants in Port Vila are associated with accommodations. You'll quickly pick out the ideal restaurants for you on the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu.

Buffet dining in Port Vila Vanuatu


Many restaurants have buffet nights with all you can eat of really scrumptious gourmet goodies at a reasonable price.

Restaurants outsife of Port Vila Vanuatu

Outside Port Vila

Restaurants outside of Port Vila are also associated with accommodation and offer excellent buffets and meals.

Vanuatu Restaurant Guide