Rocket Guide to Vanuatu Car Rentals and Transportation

Rocket Guide to Transportation Facilities in Vanuatu

Car Rental Agencies in Port Vila Vanuatu

Vanuatu Car Rentals

There are 7 car rental agencies in Port Vila, and 2 car rental agencies in Luganville, Espiritu Santo. The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu lists all of these with their exact location, full contact details, web sites and email addresses.

Bus Transport in Vanuatu

Public Buses

The most common form of Vanuatu public transport are mini-busses - identified with a B on the license tag and Taxis. Learn how to avoid cost problems with Vanuatu Taxis on the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu

Airport Transfers in Vanuatu


Most visitors use tour companies for airport transport, sight seeing, and booking tours throughout Vanuatu. Find out more on the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu.

Rocket Guide to Vanuatu transport