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The Rocket Guide was commissioned by Vanuatu Tourism to familiarize Travel Agents around the world with all of the tourism features of Vanuatu.

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Traveller Magazine Special Vanuatu Issue

The Professional's Travel Guide to Vanuatu

We call it the Rocket Guide because it is fast and to the point. It was developed for busy travel professionals in association with the Vanuatu Tourism Office and members of the Vanuatu tourism community. The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu was an instant hit with travel agents. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents liked it so much they offered to put the CD onto the cover of their professional journal Traveller three times with double page spreads on using the guide and distributed it to 6000 Australian travel agencies.
Although it was designed as an educational tool for travel agents we believed it would be even more effective if it could be distributed to the public as well. Air Vanuatu bought 40,000 copies of the Rocket Guide for distribution to the public in Australia and New Zealand and the Vanuatu Tourism Office bought another 10,000 for distribution to travel professionals. The Vanuatu Tourism Office, Air Vanuatu and our own company distributed over 150,000 copies of the Rocket Guide to travel agents and individual travellers everywhere on the planet.

The travel information guide to Vanuatu gives professional travel consultants a complete, highly interactive visual database with 1,400 images of accommodations, places to visit and things to do in Vanuatu, including information on getting there, what to do when you arrive, and detailed information on contacts, communications, and points of interest.

Traveller Magazine Article about the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu
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The Rocket Guide is an interactive program for Windows or Macintosh computers. It works on Windows tablets but not on iPads or Android tablets or phones.

The Rocket Guide is the perfect holiday planner for your own visit to Vanuatu
with the best information available to make all your travel arrangements.
Educational Institutions that have used the Rocket Guide for training Travel Consultants include:
  • Tairawhiti Polytechnic, Gisborne NZ
  • TAFE Sydney Institute, Ultimo
  • TAFE in the City
  • TAFE Brisbane North Institute
  • Adelaide City Campus School of Tourism & International Languages
  • AFTA Education & Training Surrey Hills
  • AFTA Travel & Tourism College, Clarence St.
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