"We find the Rocket Guide to be a great learning tool for our students. They are so useful within our classrooms. "

Melanie Bowman Tourism & Hospitality TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

"The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu has been of enormous help when presenting Vanuatu as a destination subject for our national certification course.

It has been quite popular with the students, many of whom go into the travel agency business."

Frank M. Ash Tutor - Tour Guiding, Tourism & Travel Sir George Seymour National College of Tourism and Travel

Vanuatu Tourism Guide with Vanuatu hotels, resorts, tours, diving, fishing, and much more.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu is an interactive, high speed travel planner for Windows or Macintosh computers designed for travel professionals and people who wish to plan their adventures in Vanuatu from their desks.

The guide has been extremely popular with travel agents and travel writers. In 2005 and 2007 the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) put the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu on the cover of their professional travel magazine Traveller and sent copies to every travel agency and all their members throughout Australia and New Zealand. This is what the AFTA Traveller presentation looked like.

Rocket Guides are like Google Earth on steroids. You can zoom from space right down to the ground and then take a virtual tour of every hotel and resort in Vanuatu- or even go underwater to see the best dive spots.

The Rocket Guide's full screen photographs will quickly and easily give you full information about visiting Vanuatu.


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You will quickly understand the tourism opportunities in Vanuatu with the Rocket Guide's full screen photographs,easy point and click navigation system and concise factual presentation.

These interactive tourism guides will save you time and give you a more complete understanding of Vanuatu. No more hunting through thousands of websites only to find superficial information and one or two little tiny photos. Rocket Guides instantly give you big full screen razor sharp images including 360 degree panoramics - these guides are information resources, not "tourism advertising".

What you see is what you will find when you get there.

How the guide works

Here is a tiny taste of what's on the guide - it shows how to visit Bokissa Private Island Resort in Santo. There is information like this for just about every aspect of tourism in Vanuatu; flights, car rentals, hotels, resorts, bungalows, tours, diving, getting married, plus critical health and cultural information to make sure you have the best possible time in Vanuatu.

Click on the tabs in sequence.


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  • 9

The guide opens with a space image of all of Vanuatu and a menu that offers links to general information about Vanuatu. Point to any island and a brief summary pops up instantly with information about that island. Of course these screen images are only a fraction of the full screen images you'll see on your own computer screen.


On the guide you'll click on any island to zoom down until the screen is filled with a high resolution space image of the island. For now, please click on tab 2..

At any level of zoom, from the entire SW Pacific right down to ground level you can click on a link along the top of the screen to overlay information on:

  • Getting there & around (what's where and how to get there).
  • Where to stay, eat & shop (accommodation, restaurants, banks, post offices, etc)
  • What to do (diving, fishing, sports, sailing, weddings)
  • Travel tips & info (travel tips, calendar of events, culture).


You can also go to "search" on the menu bar and quickly find anything on the guide in our complete index. Find a name, click, and you're there instantly.

Point to a name or an icon anywhere on the guide and a brief summary instantly appears along with a pointer that locates the facility exactly on the photograph - like this:

travel guide to vanuatu

You can quickly review all the faciliities and get a good understanding of where they are and what the offer.

When it says "CLICK for more" you click on the link to zoom down to ground level.

The first ground level view shows the whole facility along with a quick summary of how to get there, rooms, restaurants, activities, points of interest, and contact details. On the guide you would just click on any of these items for more information.

tourism guide vanuatu

You will be astonished by how quickly full screen images and even 360 degree panoramas appear. If you load the whole guide onto your hard drive it is extremely fast. Click on a room to see a 360 degree panororama of the outside and inside of the accommodation along with a summary of what is included.

If you had clicked on "Facilities" and then on the Deluxe Fare, you would see a 360 image of the Fare at Bokissa. Click on the image below and then drag the cursor in any direction you want to look.

It is as if you were there, turning around, having a look.

To see this in full screen click here.

Then you can check out the other facilities, activities, points of interest and contacts just by clicking on the menu bar again.

Throughout the guide you'll find information on all the activities available - in Vanuatu, on every island and at every hotel and resort.

Here is an example of activities available at Bokissa Private Island Resort in Santo, Vanuatu. On the guide you would click on any of these links for more information. For example if you clicked on diving you wild see what's in the next tab.

activities vanuatu

If you clicked on diving on the ativities page you would see the details on the dive shop at Bokissa, the dive boats, and dive spots like the giant wreck the President Coolidge. You would also see this underwater sphere image taken on the reef at Bokissa. Like almost all of the images on the Rocket Guide the image was taken by our own photographers, Richard and Frederique Chesher.

Click on the image below and then drag the cursor in any direction you want to look. It is as if you were there, turning around, having a look. To see this in full screen click here.


If you had clicked on the "Weddings" menu button on the activities page you would have seen a presentation on weddings at Bokissa. weddings at bokissa

The beauty of the Rocket Guide is how simple it is to find just the information you want to find. You don't have to go from one thing to the next - like in a book. You just pick the button for what you want to know. For example if you just want the phone number or email address you would click on "contact details" and find active links to their email and website, the telephone and fax numbers, and mailing address.

You can find just about anything you want to know is just one or two mouse button clicks from anywhere on the guide. For example, if you were on the "getting there" page showing how to get to Bokissa Private Island Resort and you wanted to rocket down to Efate to look at hotels there you just point to "Go To" and a satellite image of all Vanuatu appears. All you need todo is click on the island of Efate (or on the text link Port Vila) you'll be looking at a list of every hotel with one click.

Every island in Vanuatu is on the guide, from the tiny isles in the Northern Torres Islands to Futuna and Aneityum in the far south, along with domestic flight routes on how to get there and where to stay when you go.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu is the perfect way to explore the islands of Vanuatu and decide where to go, where to stay, how to make the most of your visit, what to avoid, and what to do.

And it's fun and inexpensive.

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